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Cushions and Backrests

Wheelchair Seat Cushions and Wheelchair Backrest Supports are vital add-ons for many wheelchair users for the comfort they provide and for their therapeutic value in ensuring proper positioning and the prevention/relief of various skin problems. We feature a wide selection of the best therapeutic seat cushions for wheelchairs in a variety of types (foam, air and gel), including many different styles, coverings and features for various specific needs.  Our Wheelchair Cushion and Backrests are all top quality, from the best manufacturers in the field.

In addition to wheelchair cushions for pressure relief, we also feature several wheelchair back-support cushions to help provide proper postural support and alignment of the ever-important spine.

Cushions can be an integral part of a wheelchair for individuals needing seating and back support and specific protection against skin breakdown.

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Bed Wedge, Essential

$45.95 - $49.95

Bed Wedge, Essential Folding

$45.95 - $49.95

Body Alingment Wedge, Foam Positioner


Butterfly Pillow, Essential E-Z Sleep


Contoured Seat Cushion, ObusForme


Cushion Wheelchair, Precision Comfort LITE Foam

$79.95 - $159.95

Cushion, Alex Orthopedic Gel Wheelchair, 3" Thick

$52.95 - $93.95

Cushion, Convoluted Donut w/Cover, 18"

$21.95 $26.95

Cushion, EHOB Waffle


Cushion, Essential Medical Coccyx


Cushion, Fleece Covered Coccyx, W/C


Cushion, Gel Wheelchair, 3"


Cushion, Sloping Coccyx


Cushion, Span America Geo-Matt PRT


Cushion, Stander EZ Swivel Seat

$34.95 $39.99

Cushion, The Cushion, W/C, Essential Medical


Cushion, Wheelchair Fleece Covered - 18" x 16" x 3"


Heel Protectors, Alex Orthopedic Pillow

$25.95 $27.00

Lateral Support, Skil-Care, Adjustable Wheelchair

$118.95 - $135.95

Leg Support, Elevating, 20" x 26" x 8"


Leg Wedge, Alex Orthopedics

$51.95 - $54.95

Lowback Backrest Support, ObusForme


Padded Toilet Seat Cushion - 2"


Padded Toilet Seat Cushion - 4"


Pillow, Leachco Snoogle Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow


Pillow, Soft Cervical Alex Othopedic