+ Glove, Vinyl Powder Free, CASE
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Glove, Vinyl Powder Free, CASE

Vinyl Gloves, Clear Powder Free

Disposable Vinyl Gloves, Clear, Powder Free, 4mil Thick Disposable Gloves (100 Count Box).

Case = 10 Boxes


  • Vinyl
  • Imported
  • WellCare Disposable Vinyl; Clear, Powder Free & Latex Free, Gloves (100 Count Box)
  • 4 mil THICK; Thicker to avoid tearing or puncturing.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards; WellCare Gloves components comply with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and cosmetic Act which allow repeated contact with food.
  • WellCare Gloves Are Multi-Purpose; it is Perfect for use in Food preparations, Kitchen Cleaning, Restaurant’s, wholesale and Retail, etc.
  • PERFECT FIT; Fits well for both hands to avoid confusion.