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Lift Chairs

Comfortable Lift Chairs That Complement Any Decor

The right lift chair makes you more comfortable and mobile. Our easy-to-use lift chairs feature with push-button power that helps you sit, stand, or recline in a variety of positions, all at the touch of the finger. Our wide range of styles and colors also ensures you’ll find the perfect chair to complement your home décor. Shop our selection to find the perfect chair for you and your home.

Can’t Decide on the Perfect Lift Chair? Let Us Help

Sometimes it's difficult to choose the best lift chair for your needs. Do you have a question about patterns, sizes, or features? We can answer your questions and discuss the differences between each of our versatile lift chairs. Call us at 727-319-6756 . We're here to help.

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Hand Control, Pride Lift Chair, Infinite Position, USB


Lift Chair, Pride LC-105, Essential Collection

$629.00 $899.00

Lift Chair, Pride LC-250

$799.95 - $924.95

Lift Chair, Pride LC-358 Medium, 3-Position

$979.95 - $1,178.95

Lift Chair, Pride LC-358 Small

$969.95 $1,044.95

Lift Chair, Pride LC-525i Medium, Infinity Collection

$1,249.00 $1,699.95

Lift Chair, Pride Viva Lift Atlas PLR-985M

$1,399.00 $1,995.95

Lift Chair, Pride Viva Lift Elegance Medium

$1,199.95 $1,275.95

Lift Chair, Pride Viva Lift Metro, PLR-925M

$999.00 $1,495.95

Lift chair, Pride Viva Lift Tranquil PLR-935 Small

$1,179.00 $1,689.00