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DryPro, Waterproof Cast Protector, Leg

DryPro Waterproof Leg Cast and Wound Cover

DryPro Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Leg Cast Covers is 100% watertight and keeps your bandages, prosthesis and casts dry while you enjoy any number of activities in the water. With a patented vacuum seal, this waterproof cast protector is equipped with a convenient bulb pump operation that effectively suctions and seals airtight, water-proof space. The unparalleled sealing action of the DryPro Waterproof Leg Cast Protecto rkeeps casts completely dry while you dive off of diving boards, ride ocean waves or simply relax in the bath or shower after a long day.

The DryPro Leg Cast Protector offers full protection during a shower, bath or even an active swim. Unlike other ill-fitting products, the DryPro Leg Cast Cover is simply unmatched; the airtight seal is completely slip-proof and cannot be pulled off. Don't let your cast prohibit you from the water activities you enjoy - this cover is the ideal take-along item for any vacation, family get-together or hot summer day at the pool.

  • Vacuum seal technology
  • Proprietary valve & bulb suction
  • 100% airtight & submersible even for swimming
  • High quality, reusable surgical rubber sleeve
  • Stretches up to 600% without ripping or tearing
  • 90 day manufacturer's warranty
  • Comes in half and full arm sizes
  • Ensure correct measurements! The product will not work if the seal is not snug around the arm. Measure the circumference of your arm and refer to the size chart for the correct size.
  • HSA/FSA eligible (Health Savings and Flexible Spending Account cards) or purchase and use receipt for reimbursements with your employer's HSA/FSA