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Wheelchair Quickie Iris Tilting


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Sunrise Medical Quickie IRIS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair, Pre-Owned
Sunrise Medical Quickie IRIS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair, Pre-Owned

This is Quickie IRIS Tilt-in-Space & Recline Manual Wheelchair in Excellent condition. The Quickie IRIS Manual Tilt Wheelchair is the ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair features up to 40° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and it's one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available today.

Quickie IRIS Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchair 16"

Sunrise Medical has developed a dramatic new approach to tilting wheelchair technology. Here is the Quickie IRIS (Intelligent Rotation In Space) tilt wheelchair.

Unlike systems that incorporate a fixed pivot-point, dual pivot-point, or linear element, the Quickie IRIS has a rotational tilt design that is based on the idea of rotating the seat-frame around a user's center-of-gravity. This, combined with up to 55° of posterior rotation and hi-resolution adjustment, provides the ultimate in control, maneuverability, and stability.

Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology (Tilting Wheelchair Technology)

Intelligent Rotation in Space technology means the seat frame rotates around the user's center of gravity. This results in a smooth tilting motion that is easy for you to control and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase that is easy for you to maneuver. The IRIS manual wheelchair features 40 or 55 rotation ranges that can be set to achieve up to 45 or 60 of posterior rotation for superior positioning.

Advanced Foot Support Options

The IRIS's new Swing-in/Swing-out hanger design features an intuitive bi-directional release lever that follows your hand's movement. A tapered locking mechanism prevents the hanger from loosening over time. The Elevating/Articulating Leg rest includes 2" of height adjustment to better align with the knee joint for a natural motion. Audible clicks index its position as it is elevated.

Enhanced Caregiver Features

The IRIS tilt wheelchair is available with numerous options to make your job as caregiver that much easier. The hands-free Attendant Wheel Lock uses a foot pedal to engage the lock. Standard with every IRIS, the Angle Adjustable Stroller Handle can be easily adjusted to differing caregiver heights for easy handling.