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Column Pair, OxyGo Next, Sieve Columns

OxyGo Next Sieve Columns Pair

Replacement sieve beds for the OxyGo NEXT portable oxygen concentrator. Two removable columns (metal tubes) on the OxyGo NEXT Portable Oxygen Concentrator convert normal air into a high concentration of oxygen. There is one located on each side of the device. Sieves can be removed by pressing the latch button with your thumb.

Since these columns will endure normal wear and tear with extended use, it is recommended that the pair are replaced every 18 months to 2 years. However the unit may notify you earlier that it is necessary to replace these columns sooner due to operating conditions.

Replacing Columns Instructions:

  1. Turn off the OxyGo concentrator by pressing the power button
  2. Remove the concentrator from the carry case, if applicable
  3. Remove the battery from the concentrator by pressing and holding the battery latch button and sliding the battery off
  4. Place the concentrator on its side so that the underside is visible. The metal column assembly can be seen on one side of the device
  5. Unlock the column assembly by pushing the latch button away from the columns
  6. While holding the button open, slide the column assembly out of the device by pulling on the column pull handle
  7. Remove the columns completely from the device, both columns are removed as one piece
  8. Remove the four dust caps, two at the top of the columns and two near the bottom, making sure there is no dust or debris where the dust caps were located
  9. As soon as the dust caps are removed, insert the column assembly into the OxyGo.
  10. Push the column assembly into the device such that the columns are fully seated into the OxyGo and the spring loaded latch button has fully returned to the closed position.

Once columns are replaced with new columns, reset the system software by performing the following reset operation:

  1. Turn off the concentrator and plug in external power.
  2. Hold the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons down for 5 seconds.
  3. When “Sieve Reset” appears on the LCD screen, press the mode button to confirm. This resets the system software.

Press the power button to resume normal use of the concentrator.

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