+ Scooter, Journey Health So Lite Lightweight Folding
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Scooter, Journey Health So Lite Lightweight Folding


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Journey Health So Lite Lightweight Folding Scooter

Journey Health So Lite Lightweight Folding Scooter

The So Lite scooter weighs only 44.5 pounds with the battery! It comes with a free cup holder, under seat basket, tiller bag, and rear bag, so there's plenty of storage. It is very light, very safe, and very easy to use. It fits in the trunk of 99% of all cars, so you can use it to go shopping, visit friends and family, or even just a joyride through the neighborhood.. the battery will last up to 8 miles on a single charge!

Built for Safety

  • The So Lite Scooter combines the stability and safety of a 4-wheel scooter with the smaller size and convenience of a 3-wheel Scooter. 
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – feel fully secure that the So Lite Scooter intelligently slows down as you approach turns. Even if you turn at full speed the So Lite Scooter slows down enough to allow you to turn safely. 

Lightweight and easy to transport

  • Only 40.8 lbs with the battery removed compared with other mobility scooters that weigh 100+ lbs.  

Designed for convenience with premium features

  • Two-touch fold—push one knob on the chair to fold the seat down, unscrew one knob on the tiller to fold the scooter completely. NOT multiple pieces that must be reassembled, like other Scooters. 
  • Once folded, it can easily be rolled just like a piece of luggage, and fits into the backseat or trunk of a car 
  • Comes assembled and never has to be disassembled
  • Undercarriage basket, front bag, rear bag and even a cup holder included 
  • Both armrests fold up to allow easy entry and exit 
  • Narrow enough to fit through standard household door frames 
  • Eight miles of use on a single charge 

Ready for Travel

  • FAA approved—can be used in airports until you board the plane. Battery is carried on, while the scooter is treated like oversized luggage at the jetway as you board. 
  • Traveling up to 5 mph means you can keep up with friends, loved ones and pets as you use your scooter. 
  • Powerful light for use at dusk/dawn 

Rechargeable Battery lasts long

  • Lightweight—3.5 lbs versus others which are 20 lbs 
  • Comes with rechargeable 1 x 24 V 10Ah lithium battery. Safe in standard 110 V outlets. 
  • Charge on steering column, no need to bend over and remove battery to charge. 
  • Eight miles on a single charge, 6 hours to charge from empty 



Battery: Comes with 1 rechargeable 24 V 10Ah lithium

Battery Range: Up to 8 miles per charge

Charger: 2 Amp



Scooter Weight w/o Batteries: 40.8 lbs

Scooter Weight with Batteries: 44.5 lbs


Overall Dimensions

Scooter Length: 39.5"

Scooter Width: 21.5"

Scooter Height: 37" 


Folded Dimensions

Length: 39"

Width: 21"

Height: 17" 


Seat Information

Width: 17"

Height: 18"

Seat Type: Folding, with removable seat covers


Wheel Size

Front: 6"

Back: 10"


All Other Specs

Weight Limit: 275 lbs

Max Speed: 5 mph

Max Climbing Gradient: 8°

Min Turning Radius: 45"

Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive

Max Mid-frame Ground Clearance: 4"

Lights: Front LED

Storage: Metal basket under the seat, plus 2 free removable carry bags

Tiller Type: Straight handle

Brakes:  Automatic electromagnetic

Colors: Blue, Gray, Red

Motor Size: 120W Brushless Motor