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CATH-SECURE Plus, Water-Resistant/Breathable Tube Holder

CATH-SECURE Plus Water-Resistant/Breathable Tube Holder

CATH SECURE Catheter Tube Holder by MC Johnson is a multi-purpose, medical tube holder and foley catheter holder. Comes in single and dual tabs. Large tab holder has a 3″ center tabs wrap around for large tubing that effectively secures tightly in place using hook-and-loop fasteners. Can be opened and closed repeatedly. No re-taping needed. Fits most catheters and foley catheters for an effective tube holder. Hypoallergenic. The CATH-SECURE SINGLE TAB improves patient comfort and mobility, is lightweight and flexible, and most of all CDC compliant.


  • Improves patient comfort and mobility
  • Eliminates the need for constant re-taping
  • Permits repeated access to tubing without restricting the flow
  • Allows patient movement without fear of pulling catheter
  • Securement Areas (not limited to):
    - Indwelling urinary catheters
    - Gastrostomy tubes (G-Tubes)
    - Jejunostomy tubes