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Vehicle Lifts

Scooter or Power Wheelchair Lifts Simplify Travel

A scooter or power wheelchair lift can make transporting your scooter easy, fast & effortless in your minivan, car, truck or SUV. A scooter lift easily installs into most types of vehicles for fast loading and stowage of an unoccupied scooter while traveling down the road.  With more than 50 models of scooter lifts from several manufacturers, there is an application for almost every vehicle and scooter combination out there.

Now you have a scooter or a smaller wheelchair to assist with you mobility and getting around the house.  These scooters tend to get very heavy to try and lift in and out of your vehicle.  This is where a scooter or power wheelchair lift comes in.  With a scooter lift, you can easily transport you scooter safely down the road.  Scooter lifts are available for many types of vehicles including, minivans, SUV's, pickup truck, cars and full-size vans.  With several different types to choose from, we help you determine which scooter lift is best for you.


Which lift will work with my vehicle and my scooter or wheelchair? 
Call our expert staff and tell us your vehicle make, model, and year, and the scooter or power wheelchair you plan to lift. We can tell you if the combination will work. If you place your order online, please note your vehicle and scooter or wheelchair information in the notes section during checkout and we will make sure the combination works before your order is shipped.

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Battery Pack, Harmar External Vehicle Lift


Folding Seat Adapter, Harmar AL600


Harmar AL015 Micro Scooter Lift

$1,680.00 $2,234.00

Harmar AL100 Auto Scooter Lift

$2,135.00 $2,775.50

Harmar AL160 Profile Scooter Lift

$1,940.00 $2,495.00

Harmar AL300 Fusion Power Chair and Scooter Lift

$1,850.00 $2,649.95

Harmar AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift

$2,290.00 $2,595.95

Harmar AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift

$1,990.00 $2,649.95

Harmar AL600 Hybrid Lift

$3,395.00 $3,670.00

Harmar AL6000 Hybrid Platform Lift

$3,395.00 - $4,195.00

Motor Cover, Harmar Outside Lift

$299.95 $329.00

Scooter, Quingo Flyte AutoLoad

$4,999.00 $7,999.00

Swing Away, Harmar Outside W/C Lift, AL105R

$520.00 $675.00