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Walkers and Rollators

Our Walkers and Rollators Provide the Support You Need

A walker or rollator is an ideal choice when you need a little extra help walking, and you don’t want to use a wheelchair or scooter. Walkers have sturdy legs with feet for added stability, while rollators feature a wheel at each leg, which allows you to walk with a more fluid motion.

Whether you’re looking for something more maneuverable in your home or want maximum support as you walk, we have an array of choices in rollators and walkers.

Walkers and Rollators Buyer’s Guide

Walkers and rollators both provide extra assistance for walking, but each one is suited to a certain set of needs. Read our buyer’s tips to learn which one is better for you.

Walkers Rollators
  • Have four legs with feet.
  • Are lifted as you move.
  • Offer maximum stability.
  • Are excellent for uneven ground.
  • Have three or four legs with wheels.
  • Are pushed.
  • Allow a more natural walking gait.
  • Are ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Rely on Our Walkers and Rollators

We stock only the most dependable brands of walkers and rollators, so that you can rely on their quality. Shop from our collection below, and be sure to contact us if you have questions. We can help pick the best walker or rollator for your needs.

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Cup and Can Holder, Universal


Knee Walker, Lifestyle Basic


Knee Walker, Lifestyle Mobility Titan All Terrain

$275.00 $329.95

Knee Walker, Vive


Knee Walker, w/ Foldable Frame,


Platform Walker Attachment


Tote Bag, Lifetyle, for 3 Wheel Walker


Tote, Bag for 4 Wheel Walker, Lifestyle


Translator, Lifestyle Mobility Deluxe Rollator/Transport Chair

$299.00 $369.00

Translator, Rollator Transport Chair

$379.95 $399.95

Walker Basket, Essential Medical Universal with Tray

$21.95 $25.95

Walker Glides, Essential Medical Pop N' Glide


Walker Glides, Penco Universal

$17.95 $19.95

Walker Glides, Stander EZ Fold Replacement


Walker Grip Cover, Essential Medical Sheepette


Walker Pouch, Essential Medical Deluxe Quilted


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Dlx Venture Euro

$299.95 $344.42

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Essential Medical, Featherlight


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle Arpeggio

$329.95 $377.20

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle Arpeggio Tall

$349.95 $397.20

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle Crescendo


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle Opus


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Medline Basic Steel 6" Wheel


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel w/ Seat, Medline Basic Steel 8" Wheel


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, 6" Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle 807U, Adjustable Frame

$149.95 $159.95

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, 6" Wheel, Lifestyle 807

$119.95 $129.95

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, 6" Wheel, Lifestyle Steel 807

$99.95 $119.95

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, 8" Wheel w/ Seat, Lifestyle 812U, Universal

$169.95 $189.95

Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, HD, Lifestyle 850 Universal


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, The Blazer, 8" Wheel, w/ Seat


Walker Rollator, 4-Wheel, Vive Upright

$269.95 $298.99

Walker Rollator, Essential Medical, The Blazer 4-Wheel

$149.95 $179.00

Walker Rollator, Proline Medical, 4-Wheel, 6" Wheel, 803 Aluminum

$109.95 $129.95

Walker Rollator, Stander EZ Fold-N-Go, Folding

$269.00 $299.99

Walker Rollator, Standing Lifestyle Venture XP

$395.95 $495.00

Walker Tray, Gray, 20-3/4" x 15-3/4" x 1"


Walker Wheels, Drive Medical Universal Swivel 5"

$25.95 $39.95

Walker Wheels, Universal Fixed, 5"


Walker, 3 Wheel, Guardian Steel


Walker, 3 Wheel, w/ Brakes and Pouch


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