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Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair to use every day or a transport chair for traveling, we have the chair to help you. Our chairs combine comfort and durability and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and costs to match every price range.

Buyer’s Guide for Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Not sure whether you should buy a wheel chair or a transport chair? Each chair has its benefits. Check out our buyer’s guide to find the best chair for your needs.

Wheelchairs Transport Chairs
  • Have larger wheels.
  • Can be pushed by the rider or a companion.
  • Generally heavier than transport chairs.
  • Excellent for indoor, outdoor, and all-day use.
  • Maneuverable in smaller spaces.
  • Can be pushed by a companion.
  • Generally lighter than wheelchairs.
  • Excellent for short trips.


Still Can’t Decide? Give Us a Call.

We understand that it’s important to match the right chair for your needs. If you aren't sure of the chair that's right for you, call us at 727-319-6756 . We’ll help you select the best chair for your lifestyle, then ship it straight to your home. Call us today.

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Armrest Pad, Wheelchair, Desk Length, Vinyl Padded, Pair


Armrest Pad, Wheelchair, Full Length, Vinyl Padded, Pair


Cup and Can Holder, Universal


Cup Holder, Drive Universal


EZRide Plus Electric Wheelchair Attachment

$1,099.00 $1,399.00

Footrest, The Aftermarket Group, Hemi Spacing, Black Aluminum Footplate with Heel Loops, 1 Pair


Footrest, The Aftermarket Group, Hemi Spacing, Black Composite Footplate with Heel Loops, 1 Pair


Lateral Support, Skil-Care, Adjustable Wheelchair

$118.95 - $135.95

Legrest, Elevating with Black Calf Pad


Transfer Board, Essential Medical, Hardwood

$49.95 $58.95

Translator, Rollator Transport Chair

$379.95 $399.95

Transport / Companion Wheelchair, 19" w/ 12" Wheels and Hand Brakes, 300 lb. Wt. Capacity

$299.95 $347.00

Transport Companion Wheelchair, Lifestyle Aluminum

$219.95 $248.58

Transport Companion Wheelchair, Proline Medical, 19" Aluminum

$209.95 $229.00

Transport Companion Wheelchair, Proline Medical, 19" Steel Hammertone

$179.95 $219.00

Transport Companion, Medline Ultra Lightweight Freedom Chair

$259.95 $297.96

Walker Pouch, Essential Medical Deluxe Quilted


Wheelchair Bag, Vive Health

$19.95 $29.99

Wheelchair Handy Pouch, Essential Medical, w/ Sheepette Armrest


Wheelchair, 18" Medline K3 Desk Length Armrest


Wheelchair, Excel K4 Lightweight, Medline, Desk Length Arms

$429.95 $459.95

Wheelchair, Feather HD

$899.00 $977.00

Wheelchair, Journey Health So Lite Lightweight


Wheelchair, Proline Medical K4, with Flip Back Arms, 300 Lb. Wt Capacity

$399.00 $444.00

Wheelchair, Proline Medical, HD K7, with Desk Arms, 500 lb Wt. Capacity

$459.95 $662.99

Wheelchair,18" Medline K1 Vinyl, Full Length Arm