+ Battery, OxyGo Fit Inogen G4 Oxygen Concentrator
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Battery, OxyGo Fit Inogen G4 Oxygen Concentrator

OxyGo Fit Battery

The OxyGo Fit Single Battery powers your OxyGo portable oxygen concentrator when you’re away from a power source.  The Double Battery is a 8 Cell Lithium Ion battery that snaps easily onto your portable oxygen concentrator giving you complete mobility and freedom.

Extra batteries are perfect for extending your power to travel or as a backup to your current battery, offering peace of mind when away from home.  An extra single battery can provide up to 5 hours of battery life (battery life varies depending on setting and breath rate) giving you more power to explore the world around you.   And if you are flying on a commercial airline, you'll need extra batteries to get you to and from your destination.  

So extended your freedom by picking up some extra batteries today!

Single Battery: Up to 2.7 hours. Recharge up to 3 hours with AC or DC power. 
Double Battery: Up to 5 hours. Recharge up to 5 hours with AC or DC power.