+ Briefs, Prevail Nu-Fit Unisex Maximum Absorbency
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Briefs, Prevail Nu-Fit Unisex Maximum Absorbency

Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Briefs - Extra Absorbency

Prevail Nu-Fit Maximum Absorbency Adult Briefs are highly absorbent briefs that are ideal for people with heavy bladder leakage. These adult briefs offer maximum incontinence protection, incredible user comfort, and other features that help in promoting skin health. Breathable zones of Nu-Fit Adult Briefs allow the skin to breathe thereby promoting skin wellness and the cloth-like outer fabric is softer and comfortable reducing the risk of skin irritation.


  • Maximum Absorbency
  • Extra absorbent
  • Unisex
  • Breathable side panels
  • Cloth-like outer fabric
  • Easy-lock fastener strips
  • Quick Wick with MaxSoft