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EvenUp, Shoe Lift

EvenUp Shoe Lift Balancer

The Evenup Shoe Balancer is the answer to hip and knee pain caused by uneven gait dues to walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe or uneven leg lengths caused as a result of hip replacement surgery. Evenup provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot or other apparatus. Evenup works on both the left and right foot. No designation is required.

Important Note:

This item is to be worn with tennis shoe or sneaker only. Please order according to shoe size.


  • The measurement of the sole of the shoe is used to determine the appropriate size of Evenup. It is generally best to choose an Evenup a little too small rather than a little too big
  • Adds 3/4" in height with both layers used, or 1/2" in height with just 1 layer, allowing for a customized fit
  • This added height helps properly align your body and reduce strain from an unnatural gait
  • Features rubber straps which adjust to ensure a proper fit with your shoe
  • Universal fit allows the ProCare Evenup Shoe Balancer to be worn on either the left or right foot

Measurement Women's Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size Recommended Evenup™ Size
A sole measurement between 10 inches (254mm) and 11 1/4 inches (286mm) 5 - 8.5 6 - 8 SMALL
A sole measurement between 11 1/2 inches (292mm) and 12 3/4 inches (324mm) 9 - 11 8.5 - 10.5 MEDIUM
A sole measurement between 13 inches (330mm) and 14 1/2 inches (368mm) 11.5 - 13 11 - 13 LARGE
A sole measurement greater than 14 1/2 inches (368mm) 13.5+ 13.5+ EXTRA LARGE

Note: It is generally best to choose an Evenup™ a little too small rather than a little too big. This means if your shoe measurement is between two of the measurements, like 11 1/4 inches - 11 1/2 inches, or measures 11 3/8, it is best to go with the small. Also note the shoe size the best correlates with the size as well.