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Nebulizer, Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh


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Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer is one of the smallest portable nebulizer for asthma and COPD. It can be used to treat all the respiratory conditions that benefit from nebulization. Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, Flyp simply disappears in a pocket. This truly pocket portable nebulizer uses HypersoniQ technology that makes it whisper-quiet. Its internal disk vibrates at an ultrasonic speed, creating a fine, inhalable aerosol. While other nebulizers can take up to 20 minutes to dispense 3 ml of medication, Flyp is nimble, getting the job done in about 7 minutes.


  • All-in-one pocket-sized nebulizer
  • Helps the user breathe freely – Just Fill, Click and Breathe
  • Delivers a standard, 3 ml dose of medication in about 7 minutes
  • Holds up to 5 ml of medication
  • Offers whisper-quiet operation
  • Is rechargeable via USB
  • No Tubes. No Limits. No Assembly.

Flyp Portable Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer Features

  • Rigorously Tested - Created by a physician and designed by a team of engineers, Flyp was subjected to 18 different laboratory tests over the course of 3 years.
  • Faster - Average treatment time of just 7 minutes. Less waiting around.
  • Simpler - No tubes nor control units to get in the way.
  • Quieter - Whisper quiet operation with HypersoniQ Technology. The internal disk vibrates 2000x faster than wings of a hummingbird.
  • Happier - Never fear for the next breath it can always be tucked away in the pocket.

Why use FLYP Portable Asthma Nebulizer?

  • Travel Well - The lightest and smallest portable nebulizer to be cleared by the FDA.
  • Never Slow Down - Takes only 7 minutes to dispense 3ml of medication.
  • Unplug And Uncomplicate - Designed without cumbersome tubes or control units. Just fill, click, breathe.
  • Relax And Recharge - Rechargeable via USB. A quick charge lasts up to ten treatments.

How does Flyp Pocket Nebulizer work?

At the heart of Flyp nebulizer is a stainless-steel disk the size of a dime — and half the thickness of a human hair. It has 1,000 4-micron holes that vibrate 110,000 times per second. As the liquid medication is pulled through the holes, it is converted into an inhalable aerosol.