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Wheelchair, Journey Health So Lite Lightweight


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So Lite Wheelchair
Manufacture # So Lite

So Lite Wheelchair

When choosing a wheelchair, it’s good to weigh your options . . . Introducing the So Lite™ Wheelchair—just 16.5 pounds

Ever since their invention in the 17th century, self-propelled wheelchairs have remained too heavy, too clunky, awkward in tight spaces, not very comfortable and hard to transport—but they were and are priceless mobility to those who need them.

That’s why the introduction of the uniquely designed So Lite™ Wheelchair is truly significant—ok, revolutionary! This chair addresses all the problems long associated with wheelchair design and weight, while making self-propelled mobility safer, more comfortable, convenient and attainable. First, it’s super lightweight—the frame weighs 16½ pounds with the quick-release back wheels removed.

Travels easily. Lifts easily. Stores easily.

You’ll notice immediately that the wheels are thinner and the whole chair more streamlined. Made of military-grade magnesium that’s known for a combination of light weight and strength, this chair is a cross between a graceful, easy-to-push transport chair and a standard, strong-and-sturdy wheelchair (only lighter!). The lesser weight means easier maneuverability and control, both for the person in the chair or a person pushing it. Seniors and their caregivers no longer have to choose between a feature-rich wheelchair with all the bells and whistles and one light enough for easy transit and travel. Now function and features have come together—and it took only 350 years!

The ultralight wheelchair with heavyweight features

Features designed for added safety include a dual braking system with manual locks (and front brakes to prevent the chair from moving when you don’t want it to), front caster wheels (for added maneuverability), two anti-tipping rear wheels (for added balance and support) and flat-free tires (no maintenance required.) 

Features designed for added convenience and comfort include flip-back arms so you can roll right up to a desk or table; padded and durable seat and back cushions that remove for quick cleaning; and—for easy storage and transit—a flip-down backrest and removable, quick-release rear wheels. All this, at a fraction of the weight of a standard wheelchair and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Dual Braking System
  • Flip-Back Armrests
  • Quick-Release Footrests
  • Magnesium Frame
  • Quick-Release Rear Wheels
  • Quick-Release Anti-Tipper
  • Removable Cushions

Net Weight (Entire Wheelchair) 27.8 lbs
Net Weight (Frame Only) 16.5 lbs
Wheelchair Length 45″
Wheelchair Height 39″
Wheelchair Width (unfolded) 25.6″
Back Height 17.3″
Seat To Floor Height 20″
Seat Width 17.7″
Seat Depth 16.6″
Ground Clearance from Foot Rest to Floor 1.58″
Ground Clearance from Anti-tippers to Floor 3.54″
Weight limit 250 lbs